Monday, August 27, 2012

Twin Sister

Time away from others isolated and alone
Is something we cannot comprehend;
It's something we’ve never experienced or known.

Tying our shoes, riding bikes and making friends,
Lots of new starts and starting over agains.

Accomplished together first steps and first words we said;
Same as the first day of school and the very first books we read.

Best friends since we’ve been living.
Always close,
A choice wasn’t given.

Arguing - non-existent; disagreeing – rare;
Frequent instead,
Times spent together and memories we share.

Making mistakes and falling down
Part of growing up, learning to stand our ground.

Picking ourselves up was never hard to do,
We leaned on each other ‘til difficulties were through.

I appreciate time by myself and thinking things through
But it’s nice to know I always have access to her point of view.

In a group or solo – it doesn’t matter where we’ve been.
We were never alone,
That place doesn’t exist when you’re a twin.


Breenah said...

I really like this, you're such a great poet.
I love you two :D

Jelli said...

Growing up in the Olsen twins generation, I definitely wished a time or two to have a BFF twin sister. What a cheery post, and a happy picture at the end. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into twin life! Visiting from Breenah's tweet!

CAS said...

Thank you for the kind comments. I'll be writing more! :)

Twin 2 said...

Thanks Sis - I love you too! You are very talented, and I'm pleased and proud to be the subject of that talent!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

That's so beautifully written. My sisters are the most important people in my life and I can see how a twin would be that and so much more. You truly write beautifully CAS xoxox

neha mishra said...

Lovely poem...n u both look very pretty..... :)

Wud love it if u dropped by my blog sumtym...