Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's the Weekend!

Sorry I've been MIA with my outfits, but I am back with another outfit. This time it's weekend wear!


Obviously you don't want anything too fussy so jeans it is! Along with a tee, tennis shoes, and a few accessories you're ready to go! I chose the bright colors and white and brown accessories because I thought they'd look good on my mom and because they look nice and put together while being super simple. Heck, the more I look at this outfit the more I want it!

bracelet $16
t-shirt $25
jeans $37
bag (similar) $16
earrings (similar) $16
bobby pins $10
shoes $33
watch $35
nail polish $8
socks $1

total: $197

So, I went WAY over on this one. In my defense, most people own jeans and I probably wouldn't spend $25 on a tee. Either way, it's a cute outfit :)


Is the outfit for you or for me? For you I think it's adorable. If it's for me...not so much. I don't wear anything that bares my upper arms (although the color is awesome). The earrings aren't really my style. The jeans are good and if my husband would let me wear a color besides red I would LOVE to try the color nail polish.


Okay, since I was off on this one I made some changes that she suggested. I think she'll like these.


tee $10
sandals $50

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