Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blog Swap

I almost feel like a real blogger now that I've participated in my first ever secret blogger swap, thanks to Danielle at Framed Frosting. The blogger I got to send gifts to wound up being my daughter (so I got to save on postage!) and you can read about what I got her at By Breenah.

Now onto the goodies that I got! Laura from My Green Pen was my swap buddy. She did a pretty good job for me not having that much on my blog (sorry about that!). I'm also going to apologize for the state of these pictures because of course when I finally go to take pictures for my blog, my camera's dead.
The note telling me where I can find her.
All the goodies! Hair ties, nail polish, and coffee! Having four daughters, I hope I get to keep at least SOME of the hair ties!
Grey and sparkly nail polish, I hear a manicure coming on...
Laura sells these hairbows in her Etsy shop that she runs with her sister. Poppy and Pippa, check them out!
A super cute black and white brooch (again, I hope I can keep it!) and some yummy coffee. 
Thank you so much Laura! And thank you Danielle for hosting. I had a blast and can't wait to do it again!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Never Too Old to Learn

After a while (OK, after decades) I've decided to quit making excuses, I have officially enrolled in college!!  I LOVE to learn, I am constantly teaching myself new things.  I really enjoy researching, studying and challenging myself.  I truly believe God always intended for me to further my education.  I could list all the reasons why I haven't already attended, but in reality they are just excuses

For example:
1. It costs too much
2. I'm busy raising my children
3. I have too much to do
4. Insecurity regarding my abilities
5. It will take too long
Basically it was a fear of failure, something I'm not fond of.  I've also come to realize it was a lack of faith.  I could feel the Holy Spirit's leading in regards to school, but it was easier to make excuses than to step out in faith.  I did my research, made phone calls, went to college interviews and talked with my partner, encourager, best friend, husband - Bear (all the same person!).  After all the research and a lot of prayer along with the support of my wonderful friends, my sweet kids and that wonderful man I call mine, I took a giant step of faith and I'm following where He will lead. 

I am beyond excited and so eager to get started.  I am a born again Christian but it still surprises me when God lifts me up through these uncharted territories and smiles when I answer His call.  Sometimes you have to get through the 'stressing' to receive the 'blessing'.


Friday, May 18, 2012


Pretend, make believe, imaginary, fake
The images we choose to create.

Tear-filled eyes and a sad smile
They are necessary, once in a while.

Heartache happens, times can be tough
Life isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s rough.

The pain, the disappointment, I really do care
But I wear this mask so I don’t have to share.
I hurt, I suffer, I worry and stress
I pray, I forgive, I move on and bless.

My God is good and he always will be
I’ll trust him with my heart and everything inside of me.

I wear this mask when life gets too demanding
And I’m just buying time to be understanding.

Faithful and just, forever and true
God removes my mask and places in full view.

He wipes away my crying eyes
And finally I begin to realize

Laughter and smiles, sadness and sorrow
Are just the paths I have to take so I can reach tomorrow.

Originally written May 17, 2012

Who Cares?

Who Cares?

Feeling insignificant and like no one cares?
There is One who numbered your hairs.

Clouds roll in and you feel dead?
He promises brighter days ahead.

Thinking you are lost and all alone?
Open the Book where the path is shone.

Wishing you knew how much you’re worth?
He’s treasured you since before your birth.

Always remember, don’t ever forget,
God knows and loves you 100%.

March 21, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012


How am I doing?
How are things?
How’s life?

I’m pretty well known around City Hall (where I work) because of my one word answer. You see - I believe attitude is a choice. They may not know my name, but they know my attitude. “Hey, you’re the “Fabulous” lady!”. Yes, yes I am.

 Sure, some not so nice things happen: illness, spilled coffee, cancelled plans, injury, broken hearts…those are just circumstances. Circumstances don’t define my attitude, I do. I like to be happy, I enjoy being friendly, I seek good in myself and others. Do I get angry? Yes. Do I get sad? Yes. Do I get hurt, upset, frustrated? Yes, yes, yes. I still CHOOSE to be fabulous!

Think about it this way, how many people who say “Hi, how ya doin?” really stop to listen for the answer? How many of them are just being polite and aren’t really inquiring into your well being? How often do I do this? Do I really want to know their boss doesn’t respect them, little Johnny puked all night and the paper boy threw the NY Times into the sprinkler?  (In case you’re wondering, that would be “NO”)

Some people choose to have black clouds hanging over them all the time. You know the “Gloomy Gus” type. If you ask how he’s doing right after he won the lottery, he would reply “Woe is me. I have all these taxes to pay now. I have to find a bigger house and a nicer car. I have to figure out which charities to donate to. It’s so hard!”


Other people choose to find the silver lining no matter how many clouds there are. You know the “Pollyanna” type. If you ask how she’s doing and she just buried her mother , she would respond “Mama just woke up in heaven! She’s hugging grandma and catching her up on all us kids. I bet she’s bragging to Jesus about Uncle Joe! Wow! How exciting for her!”


Choosing to find the good in a situation isn’t always easy and it takes effort. It’s worth the effort. Attitudes are contagious. Whose attitude would I rather ‘infect’ others with? Gus or Pollyanna?

God is still God and he is still on his throne. If I die in a car accident or live to be 120, God is still God. Whether I’m in good health and live on Easy Street or I’m dying and in debt, God is still God and I am still blessed.

When you smile at someone and say (with sincerity) “I’m Fabulous!” you will notice they often smile back. People are surprised when they receive an enthusiastic reply to “How are you?”. Your response and attitude might just make someone’s day and you’ll be sharing a little piece of heaven.

Make a choice, choose to be FABULOUS!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Everyday Choices

I’m not a perfect person; my life isn’t problem free;
But my problems don’t control my life, they don’t control me.

Every day I have a choice of what to say or do,
Every day I have a choice in the way I treat him, or her, or you.

I make a choice everyday when I get out of bed,
To happily greet the day or lay back down instead.

Through the years, the times have been both good and bad.
Times when I've been happy and times when I've been sad.

I choose how to face the world and what it presents each day.
I choose how I'll react, what I'll do and what I'll say.

I decide each day the person I will be,
No one else decides, my attitude is up to me!

So I decide each day, to go the extra mile,
And greet everyone I meet, with friendliness and a smile.

originally written November 18, 1999


Trucks and trains, cartoons and toys
Items that point to little boys.

Plastic hammer on the bedroom wall
Tiny feet running down the hall.

From mischievous lips come a giggle and a squeal
Someday he'll know how happy they make me feel.

For now I'm content to watch him grow
I'll never ever want to let him go.

He's getting so big oh so fast,
Why oh why can't childhood last?

Originally written November 27, 1998 for Jared

The Messy Floor

I feel so silly sitting on this messy floor,
I should be cleaning the house (once more).

But how do you say "no" to eyes so sweet,
When across a messy floor they happen to meet?

Everywhere I look, toys are strewn around,
Not a trace of the floor can even be found.

To see a smile from my little girl,
I put on hold the rest of the world.

While she's sitting on my lap, relaxing against my chest,
Of all the places to be, I think this messy floor is the best.

originally written September 28, 1998 for Kaitlyn


Out of the fires of adversity, my faith is tested.
From the ashes of trials, a trust is born.
How I respond to challenges in my life,
Determine the direction I will go.
If I wallow in self-pity and self-doubt,
I sink further and further into the abyss.
If I set my sights on things above,
My heart and I survive.


Originally written October 26, 2004.

Too Busy

Where does God fit in my life?

Lists of things that must be done,
No time for me, no time for fun.
Go to work, run errands, three or four,
Then go back and work some more
Make dinner, feed the kids,
Help with dishes, bowls and lids.
Are the chores done? Homework too?
Is the house clean? Bills are due.
Time to get the little ones off to sleep,
I'm so tired I start to weep.
Now is there time for Him or me?
No, the list is long, I'm still not free.
More stuff to do, paperwork filed online
Can't even make it to bed on time.
Make plans with my husband for the next day or so,
People to see and places to go.
No space for me, no time for You...
What's an overworked Christian girl to do?
Didn't even make it halfway through this list,
Angrily I ball up that paper tight in my fist,
Throw the ball across the room.
New life has started to bloom.
God's way is how I want to live
So other things will have to give.
When I awaken with the morning light,
I'll start over and make it right.
Time with God is how to start my day.
Moment by moment, it's the only way.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mom's Love

Right now, I'm watching Big Bird and a fat talking rock.
I'd rather watch Andy Griffith as Matlock.
I've picked up your toys a dozen times today,
Tomorrow I'll pull them out again, so you can play.
I'll give you a bath tonight,
You'll soak me with a water fight.
I'll read you a story then kiss your little head,
But we'll say our prayers before you go to bed.
You drive me crazy but I love you so much;
I feed you, dress you, tuck you in and such.
Some have questioned if I'm sane
But I swear I'll never complain!
Being your mom gives me the greatest pleasure;
Being my daughter makes you my greatest  treasure!

Originally written August 9, 1992 for Sabrina