Thursday, May 17, 2012


How am I doing?
How are things?
How’s life?

I’m pretty well known around City Hall (where I work) because of my one word answer. You see - I believe attitude is a choice. They may not know my name, but they know my attitude. “Hey, you’re the “Fabulous” lady!”. Yes, yes I am.

 Sure, some not so nice things happen: illness, spilled coffee, cancelled plans, injury, broken hearts…those are just circumstances. Circumstances don’t define my attitude, I do. I like to be happy, I enjoy being friendly, I seek good in myself and others. Do I get angry? Yes. Do I get sad? Yes. Do I get hurt, upset, frustrated? Yes, yes, yes. I still CHOOSE to be fabulous!

Think about it this way, how many people who say “Hi, how ya doin?” really stop to listen for the answer? How many of them are just being polite and aren’t really inquiring into your well being? How often do I do this? Do I really want to know their boss doesn’t respect them, little Johnny puked all night and the paper boy threw the NY Times into the sprinkler?  (In case you’re wondering, that would be “NO”)

Some people choose to have black clouds hanging over them all the time. You know the “Gloomy Gus” type. If you ask how he’s doing right after he won the lottery, he would reply “Woe is me. I have all these taxes to pay now. I have to find a bigger house and a nicer car. I have to figure out which charities to donate to. It’s so hard!”


Other people choose to find the silver lining no matter how many clouds there are. You know the “Pollyanna” type. If you ask how she’s doing and she just buried her mother , she would respond “Mama just woke up in heaven! She’s hugging grandma and catching her up on all us kids. I bet she’s bragging to Jesus about Uncle Joe! Wow! How exciting for her!”


Choosing to find the good in a situation isn’t always easy and it takes effort. It’s worth the effort. Attitudes are contagious. Whose attitude would I rather ‘infect’ others with? Gus or Pollyanna?

God is still God and he is still on his throne. If I die in a car accident or live to be 120, God is still God. Whether I’m in good health and live on Easy Street or I’m dying and in debt, God is still God and I am still blessed.

When you smile at someone and say (with sincerity) “I’m Fabulous!” you will notice they often smile back. People are surprised when they receive an enthusiastic reply to “How are you?”. Your response and attitude might just make someone’s day and you’ll be sharing a little piece of heaven.

Make a choice, choose to be FABULOUS!

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