Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Too Busy

Where does God fit in my life?

Lists of things that must be done,
No time for me, no time for fun.
Go to work, run errands, three or four,
Then go back and work some more
Make dinner, feed the kids,
Help with dishes, bowls and lids.
Are the chores done? Homework too?
Is the house clean? Bills are due.
Time to get the little ones off to sleep,
I'm so tired I start to weep.
Now is there time for Him or me?
No, the list is long, I'm still not free.
More stuff to do, paperwork filed online
Can't even make it to bed on time.
Make plans with my husband for the next day or so,
People to see and places to go.
No space for me, no time for You...
What's an overworked Christian girl to do?
Didn't even make it halfway through this list,
Angrily I ball up that paper tight in my fist,
Throw the ball across the room.
New life has started to bloom.
God's way is how I want to live
So other things will have to give.
When I awaken with the morning light,
I'll start over and make it right.
Time with God is how to start my day.
Moment by moment, it's the only way.

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