Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Everyday Choices

I’m not a perfect person; my life isn’t problem free;
But my problems don’t control my life, they don’t control me.

Every day I have a choice of what to say or do,
Every day I have a choice in the way I treat him, or her, or you.

I make a choice everyday when I get out of bed,
To happily greet the day or lay back down instead.

Through the years, the times have been both good and bad.
Times when I've been happy and times when I've been sad.

I choose how to face the world and what it presents each day.
I choose how I'll react, what I'll do and what I'll say.

I decide each day the person I will be,
No one else decides, my attitude is up to me!

So I decide each day, to go the extra mile,
And greet everyone I meet, with friendliness and a smile.

originally written November 18, 1999

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