Friday, May 18, 2012


Pretend, make believe, imaginary, fake
The images we choose to create.

Tear-filled eyes and a sad smile
They are necessary, once in a while.

Heartache happens, times can be tough
Life isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s rough.

The pain, the disappointment, I really do care
But I wear this mask so I don’t have to share.
I hurt, I suffer, I worry and stress
I pray, I forgive, I move on and bless.

My God is good and he always will be
I’ll trust him with my heart and everything inside of me.

I wear this mask when life gets too demanding
And I’m just buying time to be understanding.

Faithful and just, forever and true
God removes my mask and places in full view.

He wipes away my crying eyes
And finally I begin to realize

Laughter and smiles, sadness and sorrow
Are just the paths I have to take so I can reach tomorrow.

Originally written May 17, 2012

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Alesha said...

Hi Cas! I saw that you linked up for PIMJ Tuesdays! This is a beautiful poem! Thanks so much for linking up! I'm working on getting more people to link up soon, so keep doing it. =) Thanks again!
Alesha <3
P.S. I'm following along with your blog now!