Monday, March 30, 2015

Yesterday's Little Boy

Trucks, trains, balls, his favorite toy,
The floor of the room of a little boy.

Rocks in the pocket, dirt and worms too,
“Look mom, I picked a flower for you!”

Crayon creations decorated the bedroom wall
Tiny feet running down the hall.

But that was yesterday

Bikes, games, school and a favorite friend,
Colored pictures came to an end.

Books in the backpack, tears in my eyes,
“Bye mom, I’m going out with the guys!”

Posters of motorcycles, sports teams and such,
Tiny feet running?  Not so much.

But that was yesterday

Cars, computers, jobs and his favorite girl,
No toys or posters in his world.

Money in the wallet, places to go,
“I joined the Army mom, like G.I. Joe!”

The vacant room, a barren wall and an empty bed,
So many things were left unsaid.

Was it only yesterday?

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